Exciting changes that mean FREE tutorials!!!

I realized we were quite silent during August, so I have decided to share what has been going on via Facebook Live!!!  I entertained the idea of writing a book about CRAW, however it was taking too much time away from everything else.  So over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you the projects.  Some will be available as a digital download pattern, some will be in video form which will show up on our YouTube page so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel  (Kamama Designs) and some will be shown Live on Facebook on Wednesdays for "What's on my bench Wednesday".  The attached photo is a sneak peek at one of the designs.  This is an exciting and scary endeavor for me to be live in front of a camera, but I have to shout out to IPEVO.com for providing the most incredible camera I have ever worked with!!!  The VZ-X is so easy to set up and use, it has literally taken the guess work out of videos for me.  If you get a chance, pop over to ipevo.com and check it out.